The Partners

We represent four innovative organisations, rooted in close collaboration with some of the most ambitious cities across Europe.

Bankers Without Boundaries

BwB, an innovator in finance, is a social enterprise powered by former investment bankers to assist high impact projects that benefit the environment and social good. We work with governments, institutions, cities and foundations to provide advisory and research services to mobilise private capital.

We bring significant capital markets experience to our clients and help them address various economic, social, and environmental issues through innovative and sustainable financing solutions. We have mobilised over €1bn under the BwB banner and over €30bn in our management team's collective professional careers.

Dark Matter Labs

Dark Matter Labs is a strategic design and development lab working to transition society in response to the technological revolution and climate breakdown. DML uses a diverse skill base to structure and test innovative propositions for next-generation institutional approaches, whether regulation, governance, finance, or use of technology.

Material Economics

Material Economics is a management consulting firm specialized in sustainability and resource strategy topics. Material Economics advises the management of companies and public institutions on how to improve environmental performance while also improving economics.

Material Economics is a supporting analytic partner to TCP and in order to help cities analyse the economic implications of specific climate actions, have developed a tool to enable cities to build their intelligence on potentially effective climate actions to reduce emissions and secure a more resilient future.

Demsoc is Europe’s leading democracy organisation, supporting cities and citizens in ensuring that radical climate transformation is a democratic and not purely technocratic process. Through democratic design, organisational development, and practical participation exercises, we design and support the building of long-term citizen participation in all decisions, plans, and projects that affect citizens’ lives.

If you’re looking to accelerate decarbonisation—whether a city, an investor, civic society leader or innovator—let’s talk.

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